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Desk staining is a fantastic way to give your deck a new look and preserve it for future use.

Tahlequah Lawn Care provides professional deck staining services in and around Tahlequah.

Your deck is a huge part of your home and garden and is probably where you spend a lot of time during the summer months. Decks can be expensive to replace so it makes sense to preserve it for as long as possible.

Which is where Tahlequah Lawn Care’s deck staining service comes in.

Tahlequah Lawn Care can provide:

  • Deck staining
  • Residential window cleaning
  • Cleaning of doors, walls and roofs
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Driveway and path cleaning
  • Patio and deck cleaning
  • Any cleaning service you need to make your home look amazing

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Professional deck staining services

Desk staining is a dirty job but we are happy to do it. Like main decorating jobs around the home, it’s all about the preparation.

Take the time to do it right and the end product will be far better for it.

You want your deck to last as long as possible while remaining clean and safe for the whole family. It needs to survive the winter, summer storms and regular use, so a good quality stain is essential.

We will typically clean and sand your deck to remove old stain or paint, dirt, stains and anything that would impact the end result.

We’ll make any repairs required or replace any rotten or broken deck boards and integrate them into the deck.

We’ll then take the deck back as far as practical to provide the best surface for the stain.

Finally, we’ll apply premium wood stain of a color and tone of your choice to finish the deck.

Some decks may need multiple coats to make them look amazing while others won’t. We can give you a much better idea when we visit to quote.

Our team is fully trained on all equipment and the wood stains we use and are fully checked and insured.

All work undertaken by Tahlequah Lawn Care comes with full guarantees.


Deck staining FAQs


How do you restore a wood deck?

You restore a wood deck by removing dirt and debris, sanding the deck back, making any repairs required and then staining the wood using a good quality stain. Each step takes time but returns on that investment by providing a higher quality end result.

Should you put a sealer over stain?

Whether you put a sealer over stain or not depends on the type of stain you’re using and the deck. Some stains will not need a sealer as they provide all the protection wood needs to withstand the elements. Other types of stain benefit from using a sealer to protect it from the elements. We can advise further when we visit to quote.

Can you stain old wood?

Yes, you can stain old wood but it will need proper preparation first. We recommend cleaning, sanding and repairing old wood decks before doing anything. Then we often recommend applying a semi-transparent stain to allow the natural character of the wood to shine through. We can provide proper information once we see your deck.

What goes on after staining wood?

Sealer typically goes on after staining wood. Once the deck has been stained and is thoroughly dry, it can be sealed to protect it from the weather and daily use. Much depends on the deck and the type of stain used, as some stain won’t need sealer. We tend to recommend waiting a couple weeks before staining and sealing for best results.

Is oil-based stain better than water-based?

Oil-based stains are better than water-based for exterior applications like decks. The stain offers better protection against the elements and can last longer too. Oil-based stains provide much better weatherproofing, which is why we recommend them for outside use.