Tahlequah Lawn Care is a locally owned company that offers a range of professional lawncare services, including lawn fertilization.

Keeping your lawn green can be tough, especially with changing climactic conditions. Simply watering it won’t always be enough to ensure even growth and control weeds.

That’s where Tahlequah Lawn Care come in.

We can look after your lawn so you don’t have to. We can cut it, maintain it, fertilize it and help maintain borders, beds, trees and shrubs.

Tahlequah Lawn Care offers:

    • Customized fertilization plan for your lawn
    • Specially-selected high nutrient fertilizer with minimal environmental impact
    • Professional pre and post- emergent grass control
    • Year-round lawn fertilization and lawncare

Soil provides the majority of the nutrition grass needs, but changing conditions, the local environment and constant use means most lawns benefit from a little extra help.

Tahlequah Lawn Care can provide that help.

We tailor the fertilizer and the schedule to suit your particular situation. We devise a treatment plan that will ensure your lawn is always green and healthy looking.

We’ll then take care of everything. We’ll fertilize your lawn, manage it and keep it looking healthy.

All products and services are fully guaranteed and we are fully licensed and insured.

Lawn fertilization services

Every lawn has its own story to tell and unique requirements. Whether it’s a natural lawn made up of local grass or built from turf, each patch of grass has different needs that won’t necessarily be satisfied by store-bought fertilizer.

Tahlequah Lawn Care has the skills and experience to create customized treatment plans for any lawn.

We manage everything, from scheduling seasonal fertilizer treatments, maintaining the lawn and helping your yard look its best all year round.

We can create a schedule to suit you and your lawn. We’ll inspect your grass so we use the best type of fertilizer for the grass and soil type. We can create a fully bespoke lawn fertilization schedule that ensures your yard always looks its best all year round.

We take care of everything so you don’t have to You can sit back and relax and admire your lawn secure in the knowledge it’s getting the best care possible!

Contact Tahlequah Lawn Care for a fast, free lawn fertilization quote!

Lawn fertilization FAQs

Why does a lawn need fertilization?

Lawn needs fertilization to give it all the nutrients it needs to be healthy. Soil provides a lot of the required nutrients, but not all soil has enough to go around. That’s where fertilization comes in. It gives your lawn everything it needs to be happy, healthy and be able to cope with family life.

Why do you use different fertilizer for different lawns?

We use different fertilizer for different lawn types because no two lawns are the same and each type of grass has unique requirements. Some are grown from what was there originally and may be a mixture of grass types. Some lawns may have been created from turf and be completely different types of grass. By customizing the fertilizer, we can ensure your lawn gets exactly what it needs with no waste.

Why do I need a lawn fertilization schedule?

You need a lawn fertilization schedule to help cope with the different seasons and growth patterns. For example, your lawn may need more fertilizer during spring to help it grow. It may need less in winter as it may go dormant. It may need different fertilizer to cope with high temperatures, dry heat or high humidity too. The benefit of a schedule is your lawn gets exactly what it needs when it needs it.

Is the lawn fertilizer you use safe?

Yes, the lawn fertilizer we use is perfectly safe. We only use approved fertilizers and are fully licensed and insured to use them. We carefully calculate the amount and use all approved procedures to apply it to your lawn. You’re in safe hands with Tahlequah Lawn Care!