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Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Hourly Rate – Generally the hourly rate is $40 per hour. This can vary depending on the scope of work and the ease or difficultly accessing the windows. Things such as multi-story properties or thorn bushes can increase the cost. Homes or businesses which are a long distance from city-center can also increase pricing.

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Tahlequah Lawn Care doesn’t just look after your garden or yard, we look after your entire property. In fact, our window cleaning service is one of our most popular in all areas near Tahlequah.

We apply the same high standards to window cleaning as we do to any job we undertake.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality clean alongside the reliability you can depend on to keep your property looking its best.

TLC can provide:

  • Residential window cleaning
  • Cleaning of doors, walls and roofs
  • Driveway and path cleaning
  • Patio and deck cleaning
  • Gutter and fascia cleaning
  • Any exterior cleaning you need to make your home look amazing

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Residential window cleaning

It’s no good having an amazing garden or view out your window if you can’t see it. That’s where Tahlequah Lawn Care’s window cleaning comes in.

We use commercial pressure washers, specialist cleaning solutions and fully trained operatives to deliver sparkling windows every time.

Our specialist cleaner has an extendable arm so we can safely clean at height. We can clean upper floor windows, attic windows, gutters and the entire exterior of most homes.

About Tahlequah Lawn Care

Tahlequah Lawn Care is a family owned and run business dedicated to ensuring your home and garden always look their best.

We have an experienced team that are fully motivated to deliver an awesome experience every time.

They are fully trained and insured to work with all our equipment and on client properties. We guarantee top quality cleaning and property care services and have earned a reputation for delivering great value every time.


Windows cleaning FAQs


How much does it cost to clean windows?

How much it costs to clean windows depends on where you live, how many windows you have and how easy or difficult it is to clean them. We tend to quote per window or per visit depending on what you prefer. Call us and we’ll check out your property and provide a no-obligation quotation so you’ll know exactly how much it costs.

How often should windows be cleaned?

How often you clean windows depends on where you live. People living in cities or close to traffic will need their windows cleaned more often than someone in the suburbs. Ideally, you want your windows cleaned at least once per fortnight but if your windows don’t get too dirty, once a month may be enough.

What happens if you don’t clean your windows?

What happens when you don’t clean your windows is that you can’t see out of them! Dirty windows don’t look the best from inside or out. If you live hear a highway or commuter route, your glass will collect pollution and interfere with visibility. There is some evidence to show that dirty windows degrade faster than clean ones but we’re not sure about that.

What is the proper way to clean windows?

The proper way to clean windows is to use clean water to rinse them, use a pressure washer with window cleaning solution, a squeegee and more clean water to rinse. We use a specialist window cleaning solution that doesn’t harm plants, animals or your property but still cleans amazingly well.

What is the best time to clean windows?

The best time to clean windows is when the sun isn’t at full strength. It’s best early in the morning or early evening or on overcast days. Sunlight causes the water and cleaning solution to dry faster than it should which can cause it to smear or leave streaks. We’ll always make sure your windows are clean before we leave though!