Tahlequah Lawn Care offer professional-standard fence painting services in and around Tahlequah.

Our team of motivated property maintenance experts are here to help take care of the job you most love to hate.

Fence painting can be a time consuming project that requires patience and an eye for detail. The result is an amazing looking fence ready to handle whatever the climate throws at it while looking great.

If you can’t face painting your fence ready for fall, Tahlequah Lawn Care can do it for you.

Tahlequah Lawn Care can provide:

  • Fence painting
  • Residential window cleaning
  • Cleaning of doors, walls and roofs
  • Driveway and path cleaning
  • Patio and deck cleaning
  • Gutter and fascia cleaning
  • Any exterior cleaning you need

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Professional fence painting services

A freshly painted fence looks great but also helps preserve the wood and protect it from the elements.

When wind and rain are part of life as they are in our part of the world, your fence needs all the help it can get!

Once moisture gets into the wood, it can twist, warp and crack as it reacts, contracts and expands. Sunlight also breaks down wood over time. When combined with moisture, sunlight can make wood susceptible to rotting.

Preservation of timber surfaces greatly increase their lifetime, quality and appearance. They make your yard or garden look amazing, provides the quality outlook you want in a garden and preserves the wood from the elements.

That’s reason enough to hire a professional fence painter for sure!

Working with Tahlequah Lawn Care

Tahlequah Lawn Care is a family run business with many years’ experience in property maintenance, including fence painting.

Our motivated team works hard to deliver exceptional standards of service whatever the job. We invest heavily in training and everyone is fully checked and insured.

All work undertaken by Tahlequah Lawn Care comes with full guarantees too.

Fence painting FAQs

Is it worth painting a fence?

Yes, it is definitely worth painting a fence. Your fence and your garden will look much better and the paint will protect the wood from the wind, rain and winter. Wood is very susceptible to the elements and painting it can provide essential protection that can add many years of useful life for any fence.

Is it better to paint or spray a fence?

It is usually better to spray a fence wherever possible. Spraying gives better coverage and a better finish. It’s also less wasteful and less messy when performed by professionals. There are times when painting is impractical. If that’s the case, painting a fence is perfectly fine.

Should I paint both sides of my fence?

Yes, you should paint both sides of your fence if you have access to them. It may require a chat with your neighbor but we think it’s definitely worthwhile painting both sides. The weather will attack any exposed wood and painting just your side of the fence preserves only that side.

How long does paint last on fence?

Paint will typically last between 5-10 years on a fence. Much depends on the type and quality of paint of course, but that’s an average. A good quality fence paint, applied properly can usually provide up to 10 years of protection.

Should you wash a fence before painting?

Yes, you should definitely wash a fence before painting. Like most jobs, it’s all about the preparation. The better you prepare the surface, the better the finish. So, washing a fence and removing dirt and debris will produce a much better result than not.