Lot Mowing & Acreage Pricing

For lot mowing we typically charge $40-$70 per acre.

Factors that go into pricing include location of the lot and quality of the lot. For example, if the lot is far from town and has a lot of debris such as rocks and tree limps, you will be closer to the $70 mark. If it’s a clean square lot with no debris, trees, or other obstacles then you’re looking at closer to the $40 range.

The more obstacles and dangers for my mower, the slower I have to mow and the more I have to charge. If it’s a clean lot and I can easily zip around at full-speed, I’ll be able to get in and out quickly, which is good for you.

Areas served: Tenkiller, Hulbert, Tahlequah, Park Hill, Fort Gibson, & Muskogee