Lawn aeration and seeding ensures your lawn is lush, green and full whatever the conditions or time of year.

There’s nothing more frustrating than having bald or brown spots on an otherwise green lawn. Some lawns can be stubbornly resistant to store-bought products, which is when you need the professionals.

Tahlequah Lawn Care is here to help.

With many years of experience behind us and the training, equipment and expertise to aerate and seed your lawn, we’re the guys to call.

Lawn aeration and seeding is a process that can enrich your lawn.

Lawn aeration

Lawn aeration allows the soil to breathe and help encourage strong grass growth. It is used extensively on golf courses and sports fields as well as gardens across the country.

Core aeration uses a specialist machine with hollow tines to remove cores from the earth. These cores allow water to flow into the soil and oxygen to provide nutrients.

It is very effective against lawns used for play that get compacted and dense.

Liquid aeration is a process where a specialist solution is added to the lawn that causes the soil to clump together to leave gaps for oxygen and water to access.

The solution can also expel sodium, helping grass to grow lush and healthy.

Both forms of lawn aeration can be very effective when used in the right situation.

Lawn seeding

Lawn seeding helps fill those bald spots with new grass. Overseeding helps provide a thicker carpet of grass that can help prevent weeds and provide a much lusher surface.

The trick is to use the right type of grass for your lawn and to see at the right time.

TLC has that expertise and can help your lawn grow thick, lush and green with the minimum of fuss and waste.

Lawn seeding is ideally performed in early fall to give the lawn a chance to recover and the new grass seeds to take and to grow.

If your lawn could do with a boost, aeration and seeding may be able to help. Contact Tahlequah Lawn Care for a free consultation and we’ll see what we can do!

Lawn aeration and seeding FAQs

Do you seed before or after aerating?

You would typically seed after aerating if it’s the right season as it provides the oxygen and moisture the seeds need to grow. You can see without aerating and aerate without seeding, much depends on what your lawn needs.

What’s the best time for aeration and seeding?

Fall is the best time for aerating and seeding. The soil is warm after summer and it’s cool at night rather than cold. Fall can also involve decent amounts of rainfall that can penetrate the soil and help the seeds take and grow. You can aerate and seed in spring if you need to, but only once the frost is over and the soil has warmed up a little.

What should I put on my lawn after aerating?

You should ideally put fertilizer on your lawn after aerating. The fertilizer can penetrate the soil and get to the grass roots and deliver maximum benefit to growth. We can handle fertilization for you when we aerate if you like so there’s nothing you need to do.

Can you walk on lawn after aeration?

You can walk on lawn after aeration but you really shouldn’t. Ideally, you should wait a couple days to allow the seeds and fertilizer time to settle. Walking on an aerated lawn can compact it all over again and prevent the seeds or fertilizer being absorbed into the soil.