Lawn Mowing Services in Cherokee County

TLC provides reliable, affordable lawn mowing to Tahlequah and the surrounding areas. (Hulbert, Keys, Fort Gibson, Tenkiller, Tahlequah, Park Hill, Woodall)

Our mission is to deliver a dependable lawn mowing service to all our customers. We appreciate how important it is for a lawn to look its best and be able to cope with daily use. Keeping the grass cut is part of that.

Not everyone has the time or energy to regularly mow their lawn so let us do it for you.

Tahlequah Lawn Care delivers:

    • Lawn mowing schedules to suit your needs
    • A top class cut using professional-grade mowers
    • Edging and trimming so your lawn always looks its best
    • Full cleanup of leaves, grass and weeds
    • Reliable lawn mowing on time, all the time
    • Fixed price quotations with no hidden fees

TLC prides itself on delivering a friendly, reliable lawn mowing service.

We turn up on time, act courteously to all customers and ensure we always deliver value for money.

No need to have your own mower or keep cans of gas in the garage. No need to waste the weekend mowing the lawn either. Let us handle it for you!

TLC Lawn Care

Prompt, reliable, efficient is our mantra and we make sure to deliver on that every single day.

Not only does Tahlequah Lawn Care take care of all your practical lawn mowing requirements, we also focus on providing great customer service.

We know it’s not just what we do, but the professional manner in which we do it.

Tahlequah Lawn Care provides a full and flexible lawn mowing service to meet all your needs as efficiently as possible, either on demand or on a schedule.

A lawn mowing schedule will vary depending on the type of grass you have, how well fertilized it is, how well-watered it is and how you use it.

We can work with you to come up with a schedule that suits you and your lawn.

As well as lawn mowing in Tahlequah, we can also provide lawn fertilization, tree and shrub care, aeration and seeding and other yard care services.

Whatever your gardening needs, however large your property, we’re the guys to call!

Contact Tahlequah Lawn Care for a fast, free lawn mowing quote!

TLC lawn mowing FAQs

How often should a lawn be mowed?

A lawn should be mowed regularly depending on the grass type, the conditions, amount of rainfall and whether you fertilize it or not. Each of these factors influences how fast the grass grows and how thick, which will impact how often it needs to be mowed. We often recommend weekly or fortnightly mowing for most lawns near Tahlequah.

How short should my grass be kept?

There is no firm rule on how short your grass should be as it depends on what you’re doing with it. Ornamental lawns can be kept a couple inches long, while play grass can be longer to provide a softer surface. Grass length is something we can discuss with you when we visit.

Is there a best time of day to mow a lawn?

Morning or later afternoon are the best times of day to mow a lawn. This is especially true in hotter parts of the country as the heat of the midday sun can damage the grass roots and dry out the soil. Mowing in the morning or later in the day is usually best.

Should my lawn be watered after being mowed?

Your lawn should only be watered if it looks like it needs it. If the lawn looks dry and we mow your lawn early in the morning or later in the afternoon, we can water it for you if it needs it. As we also provide lawn fertilization as a service, we can assist you with any of your lawncare needs.