Red Delicious Apple Trees

Delivery to Tulsa, Fort Smith, Siloam Springs, Bentonville, or Fayetteville is possible depending on size of order. Trees are located in Tahlequah. Please call or Email to confirm availability.


Tree Sizes & Pricing

  • 1 gallon – $20 (sold out)
  • 5 gallon – $50
  • 10 gallon – $125 (sold out)


Introducing the Red Delicious Apple Tree: A Classic Taste of Sweetness and Beauty


The Red Delicious Apple Tree is a true classic in the world of apples, producing medium to large-sized red apples that are tender, crisp, and juicy. Boasting a sweet, mild flavor, these apples are perfect for fresh eating and delectable desserts. With proper refrigeration, the fruit can be stored and enjoyed for 3 to 6 months.


This versatile tree blooms midseason, displaying captivating pinkish-white flowers that add an enchanting touch to any landscape. Available in standard, semi-dwarf, and dwarf sizes, our Red Delicious apple trees are grafted onto suitable rootstocks to ensure healthy growth and optimal fruit production.


Expect a bountiful harvest of ripe fruit from mid- to late September through mid-October. To maintain this fruitful tree, regular watering is required. For successful pollination, a compatible cultivar is necessary, such as Yellow Delicious, Red Jonathan, Early Harvest, or a variety from a different apple family. The tree’s chill hour (CU) requirement ranges between 700 and 800 hours, perfect for areas with average winter temperatures between 32° and 45° F.


The Red Delicious Apple Tree grows in an elegant oval shape, with standard-sized trees bearing fruit in 6 to 10 years, semi-dwarf trees in 4 to 6 years, and dwarf trees in just 3 to 4 years. Known as a biennial bearer, this tree produces a heavy crop one year and a sparser yield the following year.


Not only do these trees provide scrumptious fruit for you, but they also offer valuable resources for local wildlife. Birds and mammals enjoy feasting on the apples, while the leaves and branches are browsed by various creatures. The tree’s nectar and pollen serve as essential nutrients for bees from early to late spring, making apple orchards a prized habitat for diverse wildlife.


The Red Delicious apple has a fascinating history, with its name originating from an enthusiastic exclamation in 1892 when a nursery owner tasted a sample from its Iowa discoverer. Since then, this alluring tree has continued to bring delight to apple enthusiasts everywhere.


Embrace the classic charm and delightful taste of the Red Delicious Apple Tree, and add this beautiful, bountiful tree to your landscape today.