Most trees can survive in all but the most inhospitable places but choosing species that grow well in the Oklahoma climate can help your garden thrive.

Most tree species will work here but some will work better than others. As tree experts, Tahlequah Lawn Care are ideally placed to offer advice borne of many years of experience looking after trees and shrubs for customers.

If you’re thinking of planting fruit trees in your garden and you live in Oklahoma, you may benefit from planting one of the following:

Apple trees

Apple trees thrive here. Varieties such as Honeycrisp, Red Delicious, Granny Smith and others work well.

Apple trees are easy to grow and need very little maintenance. They can cope with colder springs and falls and can even cope with a little frost or snow. That sums up our weather nicely. For an extensive list of apple tree options, click here.

Pear trees

Pear trees also do well in our climate. Varieties like Barlett, Kieffer, Anjou, Bosc all grow well and can survive all year round with very little looking after. Pears also survive well in droughts, so if we have a hot summer, they will be fine.

Pear trees can be planted but also work in pots. That makes them ideal as ornamentals for patios, decks or balconies.

Plum trees

Plum trees like Damson, Fench, Friar, Japanese not only provide delicious fruit, but look great with those purple fruits against green leaves.

Plum trees are very hardy and once established, can survive anything the Oklahoma climate can throw their way. They make an excellent tree for almost any garden and work in pots too as long as the pot drains well.

Peach trees

Peach varieties like Redhaven, Reliance, White and Sunhaven work well here. They are able to cope with the heat and actually thrive more the hotter it is. Despite that, they still cope with cold falls and winter.

Peach trees grow fast and can spread wide so careful placement is key to prevent needing to move or replant.

Fig trees

Figs do surprisingly well in Oklahoma. Varieties such as Chicago, Turkey and Brown all survive and thrive in our climate. These trees are also disease-resistant, which is an added bonus.

Fig trees are exceptionally low maintenance that can be largely left to it once planted. Just keep pests away and protect the roots from extreme cold and you’re golden.

Cherry trees

Cherry trees like Bing, Van and Montmorency do well here. They make great pies too, which is a great reason to grow them. Each tree produces a lot of fruit, so if you’re using them to harvest, you may not need as many as you might think.

Chery trees cope well with the warm and cold and as long as the soil can drain, can cope with life here.

Nectarine tree

Nectarine trees like Sungo, Fantasia and Redgold produce lovely fruits that look amazing. They also produce more fruits the hotter it is, so do well in our summers.

Nectarines are more of a niche fruit but are delicious and grow fast. The hotter the weather, the more nectarines will grow.

Apricot tree

Apricot tree varieties like Royal, Tropic Gold and Blenheim that cope well with heat and humidity. As long as they have good drainage, they can cope with anything.

Apricot trees are susceptible to everything though, so you’ll need to monitor their health and overall condition. Otherwise, make sure roots are protected from the cold and they should thrive.

Mulberry tree

Mulberry trees can grow almost anywhere so are ideal for Oklahoma. They grow wild, grow in hedgerows and in gardens and product a very tasty fruit.

They can cope with heat, cold, small spaces, partial shade, mixed planting and pots. That makes them ideal for any number of situations and well worth planting.

Lemon tree

Lemon tree varieties like Meyer, Lisbon and Ponderosa love the heat but can also survive the cold. Keep them watered in summer and roots protected in winter and they should grow.

Lemon trees are mainly grown in pots here, which is convenient for if you want to move them around. They make ideal ornamentals for decks, driveways and balconies.

Those are 10 fruit trees that grow well in the Oklahoma climate. There’s a little bit of everything here so there’s sure to be something that’s perfect for your home!