Mcintosh Apple Trees

Delivery to Tulsa, Fort Smith, Siloam Springs, Bentonville, or Fayetteville is possible depending on size of order. Trees are located in Tahlequah. Please call or Email to confirm availability.


Tree Sizes & Pricing

  • 1 gallon – $20 (sold out)
  • 5 gallon – $55
  • 10 gallon – $125 (sold out)


Introducing the McIntosh Apple Tree: A Harmonious Blend of Taste and Beauty


The McIntosh Apple Tree is a delightful addition to any garden, offering a stunning display of bright red and green apples. Harvest timing determines the apple’s color, with early-harvested fruit showcasing more green and late-harvested apples exhibiting a deeper red hue. The taste of these apples also varies with harvest time; later-harvested apples are sweeter, while the flavor of early-harvested McIntosh apples mellows during cold storage.


These crisp, juicy apples boast bright white flesh, and their tart flavor is a favorite among apple connoisseurs. Growing at a moderate pace, McIntosh apple trees reach mature heights of approximately 15 feet (4.5 m). They bloom in early to mid-May, showcasing an abundance of beautiful white blossoms that give way to fruit ripening by mid to late September.


To ensure the healthy growth of your McIntosh apple tree, plant it in full sun with well-draining soil. Soak the tree’s roots in water for 24 hours before planting, and dig a hole twice the diameter and 2 feet (60 cm) deep. Ensure that the tree graft remains uncovered by soil when planting. Spread out the tree roots and fill in the hole, tamping down the soil to remove air pockets. Water the tree and add mulch in a 3-foot (just under a meter) circle around the tree to suppress weeds and retain moisture, taking care to keep mulch away from the tree trunk.


Characteristics of Your McIntosh Apple Tree:

  • Shape: Columnar
  • Growth Speed: Medium
  • Mature Spread: 10-12′
  • Mature Height: 15-20′
  • Scientific Name: Malus domestica ‘McIntosh’
  • Shipping Height: 1′-3′
  • Sun Preference: Full Sun
  • Soil Preference: Moist, Well Drained


The McIntosh Apple Tree also holds value for local wildlife, providing a food source for various birds and mammals. Leaves and branches are browsed, while bees find nourishment in the tree’s nectar and pollen from early to late spring.


Embrace the exceptional taste and captivating beauty of the McIntosh Apple Tree, and enrich your garden with this charming and fruitful addition.