Meyer Lemon Trees

Delivery to Tulsa, Fort Smith, Siloam Springs, Bentonville, or Fayetteville is possible depending on size of order. Trees are located in Tahlequah. Please call or Email to confirm availability.


Tree Sizes & Pricing

  • 5 gallon – $50 (sold out)
  • 8 gallon – $100


Introducing the Delightful Meyer Lemon Tree: A Versatile Citrus Marvel for Home Gardens and Chefs Alike


Embrace the joy of growing your very own Meyer Lemon Tree, a favorite among home gardeners, chefs, and citrus enthusiasts. With its ability to adapt to container growth both indoors and outdoors, this improved Meyer Lemon Tree is the perfect addition to patios and gardens in temperate climates, while also thriving as a beautiful indoor plant.



  • -Bloom color: White
  • -Fruit color: Yellow
  • -Fruit size: Small – Medium
  • -Pollination: Self-pollinating
  • -Sun: Full sun
  • -Soil: Loamy, well-drained, with pH level of 5.5 – 6.5
  • -Taste: Sweet, tart
  • -Texture: Firm, juicy
  • -Years to bear fruit: 1 – 2
  • -Zone range: 2 – 11


At maturity, the Meyer Lemon Tree will grow to approximately 8 – 10 feet tall and 3 – 5 feet wide, making it ideal for placement on your patio, offering the bonus of freshly picked lemons. Enjoy the attractive green leaves, stunning white blossoms, and fragrant flowers, followed by the delectable, floral citrus fruits that are perfect for baking mouthwatering desserts and concocting refreshing cocktails.


Meyer lemons are a delightful cross between regular lemons (Eureka and Lisbon varieties) and mandarin oranges. Their flavor is milder and sweeter than traditional lemons, with a smooth, thin skin that ripens to an egg-yolk yellow. The small, round fruit is packed with vitamin C, folate, and antioxidant phytonutrients called flavanones, making it a healthy and delicious choice.


Growing your Meyer Lemon Tree is easy and rewarding. In-ground trees can reach up to ten feet in height, while container-grown trees will have their height limited by the pot size. Pruning helps maintain a manageable and fuller appearance. As a self-pollinating variety, outdoor trees will produce fruit naturally, while indoor trees can be pollinated by hand using a small paintbrush.


These citrus trees require moist but not wet soil and should be watered deeply yet infrequently. Fertilize regularly with a high-nitrogen citrus fertilizer during spring and summer months to encourage a bountiful harvest within a couple of years. The improved Meyer Lemon Tree is more disease-resistant than previous varieties, ensuring a healthy, thriving plant.


Meyer Lemon Trees require a minimum of six hours of sunlight and thrive in warmer climates with morning sun and afternoon shade. Though heat-tolerant, they are not cold-hardy, so if you reside outside the recommended growing zones, treat them as houseplants and bring them indoors before freezing temperatures arrive.


Enjoy the unique experience of growing your own Meyer lemons, a fruit not commonly found in grocery stores. Add a Meyer Lemon Tree to your home or garden and indulge in the delightful fragrance, beauty, and flavor it has to offer.