Dorsett Golden Apple Trees

Delivery to Tulsa, Fort Smith, Siloam Springs, Bentonville, or Fayetteville is possible depending on size of order. Trees are located in Tahlequah. Please call or Email to confirm availability.


Tree Sizes & Pricing

  • 1 gallon – $20 (sold out)
  • 5 gallon – $50
  • 10 gallon – $125 (sold out)


Nestled among the diverse array of apples cultivated in the United States, the Dorsett Golden apple stands out for its exceptional sweetness. These scrumptious gems exude a subtle fragrance and offer a delightful balance between juiciness, a refreshing crunch, and a creamy texture when grown in healthy, fertile soil. The final flavor of these apples is influenced by their growing conditions and harvest time, with a touch of shade resulting in a more robust taste – a delightful twist from the norm.


The Dorsett apple tree’s mature height varies between 5-20 ft, depending on growing conditions and chosen rootstock. Optimal growth is achieved with well-drained soil and ample sun exposure. The tree thrives in USDA hardiness zones 5-9, and while planting location is crucial, a bit of shade can enhance the apple’s flavor profile.


To successfully yield Golden apples, a different apple tree variety is required for pollination, with crab apple and Anna apple trees being popular choices among growers. Planting multiple varieties side by side maximizes yield potential.


Site selection is critical for a thriving Dorsett apple tree. Choose a location with proper soil drainage and at least six hours of direct sunlight daily. When planting, dig a hole large enough for the root ball and twice as wide, then place the tree and fill in the soil, eliminating air pockets. Apply mulch around the tree, avoiding the trunk base, to retain moisture and support root growth.


Proper maintenance, including a weekly watering routine and periodic pruning during dormancy, supports healthy growth and bountiful harvests. Monitoring soil moisture and removing damaged branches or fast-growing stems ensures tree vitality.


Dorsett apple trees flourish in Mediterranean climates such as Southern California, Florida, and their origin, the Bahamas. They can also be grown in milder regions of the US, although cold winters may result in a later flowering and fruiting season. While the tree is naturally hardy, applying fertilizer to the root ball annually can improve growth and fruit production. Expect fruit within the first year of planting, with ripe apples ready for picking from mid-June to early July.


The low chill requirement of 100-200 hours makes Dorsett Golden apples a relatively low-maintenance crop for home gardeners. Plant them in slightly acidic, fertile soil during winter months (December to February) and enjoy the sweet, unique flavor of these delightful apples.