Northern Oklahoma is often called “green country” because it is in fact green, very green. Weeds, grass, shrubs, and trees grow like there’s no tomorrow. Warm weather and generous rainfall create a fantastic growing environment. The downside to this environment is that weeds can get really out of control, really fast.

Below are some basic tips to keep your lawn in good shape and weed free.

  • Use mulch in your garden beds to help prevent weed growth. Mulch can be made from organic materials such as wood chips, bark, or straw, or it can be made from synthetic materials such as plastic.
  • Hand-pull weeds as soon as you see them, before they have a chance to go to seed. This is especially effective for annual weeds, which only live for one growing season.
  • Use a hoe or a weed wrench to remove weeds with deep roots. This can be effective for removing larger weeds or weeds that are difficult to pull by hand.
  • Use a herbicide to control weeds in areas where it is difficult to hand-pull or hoe weeds. Be sure to read and follow the label instructions carefully to ensure safe and effective use.
  • Plant a cover crop in fallow areas to help suppress weed growth. Cover crops such as clover, rye, or oats can help prevent weeds from taking hold in areas that are not being actively cultivated.
  • Maintain healthy soil to help prevent weed growth. Healthy soil is less likely to be invaded by weeds, so be sure to provide your plants with the nutrients and moisture they need to thrive.
  • Practice proper watering techniques to help prevent weed growth. Overwatering or under-watering can create conditions that are favorable for weed growth, so be sure to provide your plants with the right amount of moisture.