If you read our post on the 10 fruit trees that grow well in the Oklahoma climate, you may feel we forgot another key tree type, namely nut trees. Well, today we are changing that.

We fully appreciate that nut trees are just as interesting and as bountiful to grow as fruit trees (if you like nuts that is), so we’re tackling that today.

Here are a few popular nut trees that can cope with our climate and provide the aesthetics and harvest we look for.

Pecan trees

Pecan trees do well in our climate as long as the soil can drain. They can cope with the heat and the cold and even a little frost as long as the roots are protected.

Pecan trees provide decent shade for gardens and will deliver a decent harvest in fall as long as the tree remains healthy.

Pecan trees are the only tree aside from black walnut thought to be native to Oklahoma. That’s why you’ll see so many of them around the state.

Walnut trees

Walnut trees are believed to be native to Oklahoma although the varieties have been mixed up in that time. These trees can easily cope with our climate and with the heat and humidity of summer.

If you like walnuts, this is a relatively low maintenance tree to plant. Give them space, make sure they have good drainage and watch the moisture in summer and they’ll do fine.

Pistachio trees

Pistachio trees are another species that grows well in our particular climate. Young trees aren’t the most attractive to look at but once they mature, they are one of the nicest to have in a garden.

Look after them and you’ll be able to harvest some of the tastiest nuts around.

Almond trees

Almond trees can grow in Oklahoma but they are hard to keep healthy. They prefer warmer climates like California but can survive here if you protect them from frost and snow.

Almond trees can grow tall so be careful where you plant them, especially if you want to harvest the nuts.

Chestnut trees

Chestnut trees grow well here as they can adapt to almost any environment. They prefer warm with full sun but can grow well anywhere with well-drained soil.

Chestnuts are relatively heavy and have a spiky casing so be aware when and where you plant them.

Hazelnut trees

Hazelnut trees also grow anywhere as they are hardy and very adaptable. They grow anywhere, at any time and require very little maintenance.

This makes them ideal for wild planting, borders and areas where other trees wouldn’t grow.

Planting nut trees in Oklahoma

Those are the main nut trees you can easily grow in Oklahoma. However, if you want to try something else, feel free to do so.

As long as the variety can handle warm humid weather and cold frosty winters, with plenty of wind all year round, it should be fine!

Trees native to Oklahoma

We already know the pecan and black walnut are thought to be native to our state, but what other trees are from Oklahoma?

It is widely thought the following are from here:

  • Persimmon
  • Paw Paw
  • Red Mulberry
  • Prairie Crab Apple
  • Plum trees
  • Black Cherry
  • Choke Cherry
  • Pecan
  • Hickory
  • Black Walnut

There are likely others, but these are the ones we know about. Do you know of any others? If so, tell us about them in the comments and I’ll update this post!